Pesticides & Plant Growth Regulators

Pesticides and plant growth regulators are agrochemicals routinely applied during cannabis or hemp cultivation.

These chemicals can be absorbed by the plant and consequently introduced to patients through use of medicinal cannabis products. In order to avoid health risks to patients, most states currently require medical cannabis products to be tested for numerous pesticides and plant growth regulators.

US Cannalytics uses the latest technology in LC-MS/MS, and GCMS-MS instrumentation to ensure compliance with multi-state requirements for pesticide and plant growth regulator concentrations in cannabis products. We employ these same rigorous methods for hemp and CBD product testing. Our methodology and instrumentation allow detection of pesticides and plant growth regulators down to the parts per billion level (ppb).

We are currently ISO-17025 accredited to perform analysis on the following pesticides and plant growth regulators:

Abamectin Hexythiazox
Acephate Imazalil
Acequinocyl Imidacloprid
Acetamiprid Kresoxim-methyl
Aldicarb Malathion
Azoxystrobin Metalaxyl
Bifenazate Methiocarb
Bifenthrin Methomyl
Boscalid Mgk-264 Isomer 1
Carbaryl Mgk-264 Isomer 2
Carbofuran Myclobutanil
Chlorantraniliprole Oxamyl
Chlorfenapyr Paclobutrazol
Cyfluthrin Permethrin, cis
Cypermethrin Permethrin, trans
Chlorpyrifos Phosmet
Chlofentezine Piperonyl Butoxide
Chlorfenapyr Prallethrin
DDVP Propiconazole
Diazinon Propoxur
Dimethoate Pyridaben
Dimethomorph 1 Spinetoram
Dimethomorph 2 Spinosad (A)
Ethoprophos Spinosad (D)
Etofenprox Spiromesifen
Etoxazole Spirotetramat
Fenhexamid Spiroxamine
Fenoxycarb Tebuconazole
Fenpyroximate Thiacloprid
Fipronil Thiamethoxam
Flonicamid Trifloxystrobin
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