Testing Services

US Cannalytics is dedicated to providing high quality medical cannabis testing across our multi-state organization.

Our testing protocols employ state-of-the-art instrumentation to provide accuracy and specificity unsurpassed in the cannabis testing industry. The data obtained by our validated procedures instills confidence in our clients’ formulations and products. More importantly, patients and prescribers can be assured of safe and accurate treatments when using medical cannabis products verified by US Cannalytics.

Our commitment to safety and reliability requires regular inspections by the state-specific regulatory agencies and our third-party accreditation body to ensure strict adherence to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) laboratory standards. US Cannalytics not only performs all analyses required by the medical and adult-use marijuana programs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Florida, but has also developed customized testing panels and methods to accurately analyze unique products and formulations. With accelerated sample-processing protocols and highly competitive pricing, we can help bring your cannabis products to market safely, eficiently, and economically.

Medical Cannabis

US Cannalytics is dedicated to providing high quality medical cannabis testing for the state of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program.


Hemp & CBD

US Cannalytics is excited to offer CBD product testing and hemp testing to a wide array of customers, from local businesses in Pennsylvania to national brands across the United States.



Potency testing is critical to understanding the potential therapeutic benefits of your medical cannabis, hemp, or CBD product.



Terpenes are a class of organic molecules produced not only by cannabis and marijuana, but by numerous plants, flowers, and fruits.


Pesticides & Plant Growth Regulators

Pesticides and plant growth regulators are agrochemicals routinely applied during cannabis or hemp cultivation.


Microbiological Impurities

Like other plants, cannabis is exposed to bacteria and fungi during cultivation.



Certain fungi produce toxic metabolites called mycotoxins. These toxic metabolites can cause severe disease and death in humans.


Moisture & Water Activity

Water activity (aw) and moisture content (%) can have a significant impact on microbial growth in medical cannabis products.


Heavy Metals

Cannabis plants and cannabis-infused products can be exposed to heavy metals from polluted soil, water, fertilizer, or manufacturing equipment.


Residual Solvents

Cannabis concentrates are becoming more popular as patients and consumers shift towards using these more potent formulations and away from traditional flower.


Nutrients in Plant Tissue

Like all plants, cannabis and hemp require certain nutrients to thrive. The levels of these nutrients in plant tissue can have a profound effect on quality and yield.


Environmental Bioburden Monitoring

Environmental monitoring for microbial load can help prevent unnecessary product loss due to microbiological contamination.


Plant Sex & Pathogen Testing

When starting from seeds, cultivators risk growing and nurturing male plants. Plant pathogens are invasive viruses, fungi, molds and mildew that can devastate a cannabis crop.


Nitrogen Analysis

Nitrogen is a crucial macronutrient in cannabis cultivation. Nitrogen availability may impact a plant’s ability to metabolize nutrients and produce high-yielding cannabinoid and terpene potent plants.


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