Submit Samples

Click below to download the Chain of Custody form. Please fill out the form and email ( or include with product samples.

Filling out the form:

Please complete all sections titled “To Be Completed By Client”

Client Info:
  1. Client Name – Please provide the name you would like to appear on the Certificate of Analysis (CofA)
  2. Sampling Start – Please include date, time, and initials of individual preparing samples, if applicable
Sample Info:
  1. Sample Name – Provide the name of the sample as you would like to appear on the CofA
  2. Assigned Lot # – Please provide the lot # associated with each sample, as you would like to appear on the CofA
  3. Assays Required – Check the assay (i.e. test) you would like to be performed on each sample
  4. Expected Potency – For finished product, please include approximate potency (in mg/g or mg/mL units) in order for lab to accurately prepare sample for analysis
  5. Notes – Include any notes that are relevant to the sample
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